Forgiving Ourselves


Forgiving Ourselves

We all make mistakes and have regrets. Forgiving ourselves can help. It can free us from the pain we are holding onto, and from the negative way that we perceive our self or what we did. You deserve to forgive yourself. You deserve it because that thing that you did is in the past. That is not you now! Now you are different.

If you want to try to forgive yourself, pick a quiet time like early morning or before bed, or find a special space. Look back at yourself at that age, whether 20 years ago or last week. Hold onto that image.
Then, think about what was going on in your life at that time. What were the stresses in your life? What had just happened before? What from your past might have brought up your own pain or defenses? These things affected you.
How young were you? Did you know what you know now? No. You didn’t.

That was you then. You are different now.

Try saying this or thinking this:

I forgive myself.
I did what I did based on what was going on for me at that time.
I’m different now.
I forgive myself

Much love,